Guatemala’s migrant pact with the U.S. threatens to unleash a political crisis

Guatemala’s migrant pact with the U.S. threatens to unleash a political crisis

While pressuring Guatemala government to accept the deal to take-in a large number of the asylum seekers, Trump Administration is now moving towards a risky and dramatic strategy to cut down the overall numbers of the Central Americans that flood the borders of the United States.

The accord was negotiated under complete secrecy & was signed on Friday at the White House. This could easily plunge the young democracy of Guatemala into a major constitutional crisis as warned by the analysts. Moreover, it can also saddle the poorest countries of this hemisphere with more than 10000 Honduran and Salvadoran migrants that shall be barred from claiming anything in the U.S.

This agreement is one among the boldest moves taken by the President Donald Trump to curb the migrant inflow in the United States. Moreover, aims to shut down the United States asylum system for the migrants who have come via Guatemala to the U.S. Instead, they need to look for protection in the Guatemala region.

However, this agreement has been built upon the fragile legal and political base. This agreement was met with a protest by 100s of people demonstrating before the Guatemala City presidential palace.

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