In Politics, Apologies Are for Losers

In Politics, Apologies Are for Losers

Recent evidence concluded that apologizing in the field of Politics can prove to be a risky strategy. According to the reports about the allegations made of Al Franken, this theory was deduced. The member of the Senate, Al Franken was accused of having inappropriate physical contact with several women.

Mr. Franken stepped up and apologized publically because of his behavior. But, this apology absolutely wronged him and has now fanned up some unwanted flames. He was forced to resign from his position soon after he made an apologetic statement in the public.

Mr. Franken’s case is not the only exception in the field of politics. The people who have said or done offensive things in the past came up with apologies, were never supported and were rather defamed even more than before.

There were four such scenarios which were taken into consideration while conducting the survey. The results of the survey suggested that the people were more inclined towards not supporting the offender after he or she apologized for their past mistakes than be forgiving enough and support the public figure.

The patterns of four of the surveys were almost similar, despite different group of people responding to it.

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